Ask a 8th grader about choice of career or college and in all likelihood they may not have absolute clarity you will get a blank stare. It is not much different for most who study in grades 8 to 10.

Anxious parents initiate discussions around possible careers. We  support parents in this path of career definition. We provide a holistic support to help parents comprehend their children’s drivers, their areas of interest and identify possible career choices. We help parents design methodologies that help children stay motivated and excited about their future plans.

These three sessions, 2-hour each, focus on implementing a psychometric assessment and analysing the reports to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Identifying academic and extra-curricular areas of interest and align it to the best-fit curriculum. Our thrust is to create an individualised road map for making children’s profile competitive for admission to top ranking global universities.

Our Nurturing Program


  • Board selection
  • Program identification
  • College Selection
  • Advise on Standardised tests


  • Development of strategic thinking
  • Interview skills
  • Writing essays


  • Internship program selection
  • Identification of passion
  • Projects to substantiate passion

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