Study Abroad

For 11th and 12th standard

Are you interested to opt for an undergraduate degree abroad? Applications to universities abroad is a long and complex process. We help you through this process, by helping you identify the programs that are best suited for you along with the right universitites, at a country of your choice. We give applicants a one-to-one consulting, helping them design their profiles based on their strengths and weaknesses, edit their essays to ensure it turns into a winning essay and prepare them for the interviews. Academics play a crucial role when applicants seek offers from leading universities, we help our applicants develop a style of working with the end in mind.

We assist applicants sort this out through the use of a psychometric tool that will define their strengths and weaknesses. Followed by one-to-one coaching which creates and or fine-tunes their profile to match the wide streams of careers available today along with helping them with the application process itself.

We help you strategize and guide you through:

  • Profile development with a special focus on academic goals
  • Identify and focus on educational goals
  • Standardised test selection
  • Reviewing application form
  • Editing essay
  • College selection
  • Defining key questions that need to be responded through your essay
  • Preparing for Interview

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